Bonne Maman, Preserves

Who hasn’t had Bonne Maman jam, ahem, preserves? Those little jars with the distinct red and white metal caps? You see them in the best hotels or or your grocery store. I’ve enjoyed them safely for years.

Recently, my colleague Andrew of Shabtai Gluten-Free (NOT nut-free products) changed jobs to the Bonne Maman company and sent me some delicious samples to try: Wild Blueberry, Apricot-Raspberry (my two faves), Fig and Peach.

So how are they with allergens? They have a pretty clear FAQ:
Are Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies “nut-free”? YES! Our Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies recipes do not use any peanuts, tree nuts or sesame nuts. Our preserves and jellies are considered to be “nut free.”

I asked Bonne Maman if they had any further information to share about nuts and received this response from the company:
Our Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies are nut free. The production lines that are used for manufacturing Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies are also used for other preserve products that we produce under other brand names. We do use almonds in one recipe that is produced on the Bonne Maman product line but have highly controlled (based on HACCP certification) cleaning procedures that allow us to ensure no cross contamination. The almond I referred to is not used in our Bonne Maman Preserves and therefore is not on our labeling. Additionally, we assure you that we do not use sesame or peanuts on our lines. We want to assure you that the entire Bonne Maman line of Preserves and Jellies are Gluten-Free. This claim is determined by the fact that all ingredients used in our products have less than 20ppm which is required for this claim. Our production facility is therefore gluten-free as well.

I have never had issue with their products and have enjoyed the samples they sent. If these allergen statements work for you, come on over to Facebook for a giveaway to three lucky readers.

Congratulations to Michelle K, Andrea S & Sarah C!


To me, these super-sweet jams are best paired with something savory and neutral, like cheese. I had all four jams with Udi’s bread and whipped Philadelphia cream cheese and I loved the blueberry most. How do you like your Bonne Maman preserves?

To enter to win a jar of Bonne Maman preserves, on Facebook share how to like to use jam/preserves – on toast, in a recipe, with sweet food or with savory – tell us your favorite ways to eat jam! (Please make sure I can get in touch with you if you win). On December 23, 2011, I’ll use to pick three [3] winners from the Facebook comments. Good luck!


Anonymous said…
We've been fans of Bonne Maman for years, but it was during a recent trip to France that we truly fell head over heels. Our child is peanut allergic and with the issue of cross-reactivity with lupin flour in the EU, we couldn't indulge in as much yummy French pastries as we'd like. We did find a good source for safe, lupin-free bread. That bread with a bit of Bonne Maman tasted divine, and we've kep a jar of apricot preserves in our fridge ever since. Love your blog, which I just discovered! Pamela at

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