Angie’s Sweet and Spicy

Angie’s has done it again, created a new flavor that is so good, I'm at a loss for descriptive terms, other than "yum!" What did Angie’s make? Sweet and Spicy: a kettle corn base (i.e. sweet and salty) with some light spicing (paprika, cumin and cayenne) that’s reminiscent of my memories of junk food, that’s not junky! And not that overly spicy. It’s the perfect totally addictive snack food. Oh Angie, so yum!

As for allergens, here is their policy. Specifically, when it comes to nuts, here's the word directly from Angie’s: “Every effort is made to ensure products & facilities are peanut and tree nut-free. We are not certified nut-free.”

More questions? Call them directly at (507) 387-3886) or email them directly, they’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, you can find Sweet and Spicy at select Whole Foods stores, Target and SuperTarget stores.


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