Discovering Columbus, Tatzu Nishi

Waiting at the head of the line
Excuse me, there's a large statue in the living room
View South down Eighth avenue
The base of the statue "sits" on a special coffee table.
View East towards Central Park and Fifth avenue

One rainy afternoon last week, I had a chance to be a part of this public art exhibit going on now through November 18, 2012 here in New York City. The exhibit offers a fantastically novel perspective on a statue of Christopher Columbus, made in 1892, that lives at Columbus Circle; a statue I've seen my entire life. Last week was the first time I really saw it. Sometimes you need a new perspective to really see something that's been in front of you all along.


Here is the New York Times story about the exhibit. And here's more about the artist Tatzu Nishi from the Public Art Fund site: "Tatzu Nishi is a Japanese artist living in Berlin, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. He has created unconventional, site-specific public art projects around the world, transforming historical monuments by placing them in domestic settings. His works remove traditional statues from their everyday contexts to create surprising, intimate encounters with familiar monuments, making them accessible to the public in new ways."


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