Food Allergy Counseling: Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Tips, Jo Frost

A few weeks back I was invited to a webinar hosted by
Mylan Specialty, LLC, marketers of EpiPen that featured the Supernanny Jo Frost. Jo has had food allergies (shellfish) since she was little and it was fun to listen to her talk about how the crew on her show and the families she works with are allergen-free for the week she works with them on her show Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost.

She also gave a some solid tips to follow for Halloween, have a look at the picture.

As always: 

•    Discuss the your food allergy needs with your board certified medical provider.
•    Go over your anaphylaxis action plan
•    Have your two EpiPen epinephrine auotinjectors and emergency medications on you at all times
•    Don't hesitate to use them

Keep in mind this Allergic Girl's must-haves when managing  severe, life-threatening food allergies:

•    A thorough understanding of your food allergy diagnosis
•    An ability to clearly communicate that diagnosis to those around you
•    Support from friends and family around your diagnosis
•    Your emergency medication on hand, as well as your anaphylaxis action plan, just in case

Always consult your personal board certified medical provider about what is safe for you and your food allergic needs.

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