Recipes: May, 2017 #Cook90 Challenge on Instagram @allergicgirlnyc

I'm doing the Epicurious #cook90 challenge again, starting May 1, 2017. From Epicurious: “The #cook90 challenge is the simplest thing in the world. Just...cook! Every day! Three times a day! No big deal.”

Now, for those of us in food allergy world, this really is no big deal. I know many of you don’t dine out evah so you're making kids' everythings all day, every day or if you're an adult making every meal from scratch for two or three or four, and safe desserts and mock this and substitute that; so really no biggie for us as a group. And I'm in that camp, too, especially as I work from home most days; I'm here, eatin' away.

So, I altered the #cook90 challenge slightly to yes #cook90 and push myself to add new foods, new recipes and new dishes; to expand my repertoire.

In January, my goals were threefold:

1. To try at least one new recipe a week, namely something chicken, I really don't like preparing chicken; a holdover after 17 years of being a vegetarian I'm certain. Yuck. Raw chicken.

2. To use more herbs and spices, fresh herbs especially, which I buy and they they die so quickly without being used. :(

3. And to make some new desserts that work with my dietary needs (and yours I bet)!
And I totally killed that goal.

So this month, I want to do those goal again expand them:

1. I still haven’t made boneless chicken things. So really, I have to make a boneless chicken thing. Ugh. I’ll need your support on this.

2. Make homemade corn tortillas! Oh yes, so going to happen. And maybe arepas and gorditas.

3. Expand my vegan recipes. I have a bunch of go-tos from my vegetarian years (ahem 17 of them!) but like lentil loaf? Haven’t made that since college. Do I need to revisit? What about 

4. Keep using and playing with fresh herbs and dried herbs and spices.

5. Make some of the dishes I’ve been drooling over on Instagram from some of my fave ladies like @HipfoodieMom1 & @NoCrumbsLeft and make them allergen-free safe for me (which means, all nut-free, seafood free)

This social media community-based challenge is a great way to add to your safe repertoire of dishes, make #newrecipeaweek discoveries and join a new food community. I encourage you to join in. 

Join me on Instagram @allergicgirlnyc to see my #cook90 month unfold. (Also on Facebook!)

Better yet, tag me at @allergicgirlnyc #cook90 to cook allergen-friendly with me!


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