Recipe: Greek Style Yogurt, #nutfree, #glutenfree, #cook90

I love Greek style yogurt so as part of the Epicurious #cook90 challenge, I decided to make my own yogurt. Without special equipment. So easy, here’s the recipe barely adapted from the New York Times

And then, I took it a step further and strained it which creates, tada, homemade Greek-style yogurt! So good, and thick and creamy and protein packed!

I use Dannon Plain Whole Milk Yogurt. (Note: the link says the ingredients include food starch. On the actual yogurt tub it does not say that, just milk.) I strain that for about 3 hours in the fridge et voila: Greek-style yogurt.

This is barely a recipe but more of you can totally make this and it’s easy and fairly hands off thing to make, where you control the ingredients.

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