Animals on a Plane

Why, really why, must people drag their animals with them everywhere? And why do they get the same rights as a full-fare paying customer? This article was in the NYT business section. It highlights the airlines that allow pets, the hotels that welcome them, and the websites that tell you all you want to know about traveling with your furry loved one whilst on a BUSINESS trip!

“As many hotels and even some airlines become more animal-friendly, more business travelers are taking an animal along. Partly driving this trend are longer stays on business trips — a work project, say, that might require living in an extended-stay hotel for weeks or months — as well as the increasing number of pet-owning households headed by a single person.”

Oy. Bad enough that vacationers bring Fluffy but now business travelers want Spike to take a meeting?

Mind you, it’s not as if I don’t like animals. I love watching the Westminster Dog show on TV. I wouldn't want to see it from the front row, in an enclosed area, 35,000 feet in the recylced air. For someone like me, who is highly allergic to cats and dogs, knowing which companies welcomes them with open arms is almost as good as knowing who doesn’t. This way I can keep an eye on them, see what they’re up to. Ya know?


Mike Eberhart said…
I love animals and pets, but I surely am with you on this one: I don't want them on the airplanes. I'm rather allergic to cats, and all I need is to sit on a 4 hour flight being unable to breath and having my eyes all itchy and watering. That sounds like a mini-"hell" to me.

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