Everyone at the new office is sick. I mean really sick. Leaving in the middle of the day sick. And it’s like a ring of fire slowly working its way toward my cube. Employer, hear me--Ban presenteeism . Or be a better employer and tell people to stay home; sneeze at home, sleep, rest up; who needs a sneezy, wheezy, feverish worker at work? Yuck! Wish me luck and a good immune system!


Heather said…
I hear you! Argh, can I tell you how much this frustrates me? I think it's a lot of societal and personal pressure that people feel they have to be at work no matter what, that their selves don't matter, and that the health of those around them doesn't matter either. Nothing can come between them and their job. It seems symptomatic (no pun intended) of our culture's ridiculous work ethic, lack of vacation days, and personal time. Or could it be just that I'm bitter? Let's all move to Europe. :)

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