Smell-o-Vision, Not So Much

So get this: Allergic Girl is working for a fragrance company! Talk about ironic. I took an interim position at what seems like a lovely company, lovely in that the people are nice, the atmos pleasant, and the work is just time consuming but not difficult. And what does this company do; they create perfumes. Everything from fine perfumes to mass market stuff, like the scent in drug store body lotion or men’s underarm deodorant.

I have a very sensitive nose, an allergic nose I suppose. I can smell A LOT of smells. And I thought when I took this job, “Oy, am I making a huge mistake for my poor nosey?”

The lab is on the third floor: every flower, fruit, wood, and citrus note is there, being mixed, heated, and otherwise co-joined. I’m working in Sales on the 10th floor and will be handling samples as I send them to clients. It’s not a particularly smelly office when by all rights it should be. I’m not a tester nor an apprentice nose so I shouldn’t be smelling that much.

However, a sample for a lip gloss came up from the lab and I took a large whiff out of curiosity. It smelled like a “Jelly Belly” buttered popcorn jellybean, but moreso. Ok for a sweet not for my lips⎯maybe if I were 12. Yuck though.

So this is an experiment: working in Smell-o-Vision, my own scratch and sniff, for a few months. We shall see; I'll keep you updated.


Best of luck in your new job. I hope all goes well!

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