CFL Light Bulbs

Last time I was at Costco, a well-priced six pack of the new light bulbs called to me. I had been thinking about buying some, especially since I had gone to that Green talk. So when I saw them on the shelf, it was a no-brainer.

That same night “blinko!” a kitchen bulb blew as I flicked on the switch. I thought I would start green light bulb revolution in my house slowly, replacing the bulbs as they blew but not before; why waste perfectly good bulbs until their time? So feeling very pro-earth, I screwed in the bulbs, turned on the lights, and presto change-o, I was instantly transported to every office I’ve worked in. In my very own kitchen.

Not good.

I should have done some homework about the light quality of the new CFLs. I thought they must have improved that harsh blue white light, you know the one that makes nothing look good. The ones I bought from Costco, Conserv Energy are fine for the kitchen but I have to admit, and this is the un-Green part, I don’t think I can put them anywhere else. I like a warm light: I have pink bulbs in most sockets (especially the bathroom) as they cast a warm, cozy glow that makes everyone look great. And these are just too harsh white not warm white.

I’m not giving up on the CFL concept yet; I’m committed to doing what I can for the earth. But I don’t want my apartment to have that office-y glow.

Funnily enough, last week I met a former retail lighting product designer who said that the CFL bulbs he bought at Target are warm and the light quality not harsh or ultra white as mine are. Now this is a light professional saying this so the right energy-saving bulb must be out there.

I must have just bought the wrong ones. No matter. Next time, homework first, Home Depot or Target or Energy Federation second, and no impulse CFL purchases.

Anyone need a couple of great kitchen CFLs? I have four left…


Hello Allergic Girl,

I am new here just wanted to start my journey with hi. I liked the way you are gathering info...keep the good work going on...well you are a writer and editor so there is no doubt that, you always makes post not only interesting but also informative. Tanks for sharing and please visit my blog, let me know what you think about it.

Allergy Asthma Zone
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks health watch.
your site looks interesting with lots of info. the only thing i see missing is an "about section" so we get to know about the who behind the site, your mission statement if you will. otherwise, keep going! and welcome!
mike adams said…
hi there- nice to meet you tonight at green drinks.

for the nice light we want we need to look at the kelvin temperature on the cfl bulbs- 2700K is warm light while 5000K is the harsh light you probably have. that should be it. just buy the low kelvin number.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey mike
nice meeting you too!
thanks for the tips.

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