Fear and the Hamptons

So if you haven’t already guessed I’m a bit of a nervous Nellie. And it’s no wonder after living a lifetime with allergies and asthma. Always being prepared is second nature coupled with a lurking expectation for the worst-case scenario i.e. something will make me unwell.

This is all to explain why going to my friend’s house was a deal for me. Not a huge deal, not a big deal, but a deal nonetheless. Would I get allergic to the cats that were no longer there? Would I get allergic or asthmatic to something else in the house that would necessitate a drive back to the city in the middle night? Don’t laugh, it happened on too many family trips or outings where I would become so allergic that back home we’d go, or I’d be medicated to the gills and frankly no fun.

This trip like many others before it were a confirmation of the fact that A: I’m not as allergic as I was 25 years ago [AMEN!] and B: when I push through my fears, I am always rewarded.

Always. Not occasionally. Not sometimes. Not once in a blue moon enough to keep me striving but ALWAYS.

When I push through my hesitation, my nervousness, my anticipatory fear [because often the fear is about anticipating the worst case scenario-see, how insidious it all is?] it’s worth it. The rewards are there waiting, even if it’s merely saying I pushed through.

So here are some pictures of a gorgeous day on Friday. We went to
Mecox beach, where the bay and the ocean practically meet. Think 4pm, hot sun, cool ocean breeze, empty beach, white sand, a 5 year old scampering about looking for crab legs [what was left after the seagulls had picked them clean] and me with my camera phone. Heavenly.


So glad all went well!! Your pictures look wonderful.
Allergic Girl® said…
yipee! thanks!
and yeah, phone camera, pretty decent right?
Unknown said…
hi, Allergic Girl,
So happy for you that it was a great weekend! I grew up going to the Long Island beaches 7 days a week in the summer; it doesn't get any better ......

Allergic Girl® said…
totally. my favorite time is off season, like september. empty beaches and the water is still warm!
Unknown said…
sshhhhhhhhhhh ..... don't tell the great unwashed about September at the beach .... LOL ....

Allergic Girl® said…
think the secret's already out on that one, ;-)

i've gone to many tashlicht on the beach ceremonies in the fall-beautiful.
So glad to hear that all is well with your trip. Could you send some of that warmth and sand out west? I really miss the September sands too.

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