Louie's Westside Cafe

Went to a cozy food tasting on the upper west side last night and uncovered one of the many Cheers like establishments sprinkled throughout the city. As the UWS is so not my ‘hood, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Louie’s. But after last night's visit, I'm looking forward to becoming a regular.

Upon entering, I was greeted by both Chef Rich, the mayo-master for the evening, and the owner, lithe Louie [yes, she’s a she!]. It helped that Shari, the resto’s publicist was the one who invited me and was there as well. Still, they seemed a very friendly, welcoming group.

Here’s the evening’s itinerary, blurry after one sip of white wine, oh dear.

And here is Chef Rich making mayonnaise:

Love those tattooed knuckles!

Here’s the group riveted during the demo:

And here’s the wine guy, Remy:

We discovered we both grew up NYC-kids-small world.

Here’s what I had three helpings of, I mean a few, small dainty tastings of: chicken salad and filet mignon with mayo.

Chef Rich was on hand to tell me exactly what was in everything. Love that! They also served salmon and shrimp salads which of course were not served to me. We talked about my possible future visit, about which Chef Rich asssured me it would be no problem to feed me something allergen-free and yummy.

Chef Rich and Louie’s, you have a date!


Looks like fun and Remy's cute ;)
Allergic Girl® said…
LOL, it was a fun night! the chicken salad was sooooo good. i havent had mayo in ages, just luscious.
and yes Remy is a sweetie.

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