Nut Free Bakeries in NYC

I get this question a lot: “Do you know of a nut-free bakery in NYC?

The short answer is: No, not one that I trust.

I’ve had mixed experiences with Babycakes. Even if I hadn’t had those experiences, they now have a very clear disclaimer on their site that states that the wholesalers of their flours processes nuts in that facility. So if you are very sensitive they cannot guarantee that they are creating a nut-free product.

I would say that you would find that in any bakery in any town really, unless they are milling their own flours and who’s doing that except commercial bakers. Which is why what I trust are mixes that come from dedicated facilities, with nutrition information as well as full disclaimers about their products.

So when I receive emails about where to get a nut-free cake I say bake one at home yourself. It’s very easy to do and you can use one of the reputable mixes like:

Cherrybrook Kitchen


Gluten-free Pantry

Since I know you’re going to ask, I don’t use Bob’s Red Mill flours because his facility isn’t nut-free: they process both hazelnut and almond flours. Proceed at your own risk there.


Katherine said…
At least Babycakes cleared up the spelt issue - that one really made me "nuts" - sorry, couldn't resist.
Allergic Girl® said…
LOL, funny.

yeah that spelt thing was unfortunate. they seem to be getting it together though which is super. still not nut-free though.

do you have any other suggestions?
Katherine said…
I don't. I'm not in NY and I'm baking/buying for my two kids who can't abide any of the big 8 save soy - so I've been doing my baking from scratch and not buying at all. But, now that my oldest is familar with what a cookie is and I will, no doubt, be called upon to produce them more often than once a year - I did recently order some Cherrybrook mixes and I'm looking forward to same.
Allergic Girl® said…
let me know what you think of the CBK cookies.

also the namaste blondies are insanely good.
Alisa said…
I second cherrybrook and namaste, haven't tried gf pantry.

I am pretty sure GF Essentials runs a nut-free facility too. I have tried most of their mixes and all were quite good, only the bread mix still needed some work.
Allergic Girl® said…
from katherine:

"AG - I promised to check in after trying these mixes for my girls. Made pancakes and sugar cookies over this long weekend. Big hits! Collectively, my daughters are restricted wheat, milk, egg, nuts, peanut, shellfish and fish.

I'd made wheat free pancakes before using a bob's red mill all purpose flour and they didn't taste like much - the removal of the egg seemed a much bigger deal than it was when I used wheat flour. The pancakes were flat, tasteless and most disturbingly - didn't brown at all - sad, thin, wane disks of pancakes. But, daughter #2 (the wheat allergic) is only 18 months and she thought they were just fine.

Cherrybrook kitchen - when I mixed the mix - you would've thought I was mixing a cake. It smelled wonderful. I used soy milk and vege oil, as called for. The pancakes were fluffy, light and browned beautifully. They were a great texture, not that funny mealy/crumbly effect at all. Oddly enough, daughter #1 (wheat tolerant) while excited to try them, and happy enough with their appearance - rejected them after first taste - she is a creature of habit, that one. Husband and I thought they were lovely. I'm sold.

The sugar cookies were a big hit with both daughters although I thought they were a little fragile and was disappointed to find (I think, I didn't try this, and probably won't) that the mix wouldn't be a good candidate for adopting to a rolled recipe for use with cutters at holiday time. But, yummy cookies.

Thanks again for your blog. I get great information there and enjoy your writing immensely."

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