Oranges from Florida

Last month I received a gift of oranges and grapefruit from family living in Florida for the season. What a treat! Perfectly ripe, not local I know, but so much better than the citrus we've been getting up here from California and elsewhere that I happily gobbled them up, gave some away to friends and shared with my citrus-lacking doormen.

When that treat ran out I bought another ten pound pack for myself. Unfortunately over half of the box was dried out and inedible. Woolbright Framers Market makes a point of letting you now that they "guarantee the quality of our fruit 100%." So I sent an email, letting them know the issue and they replied immediately.

"We are sending out a replacement to arrive next week.

Sorry for the trouble.

Woolbright Farmers Market"

Gotta love a company that not only stands behind their product, especially a completely natural and unpredicable one as oranges but replies quickly to a complaint. They replaced the entire order with a box of Honeybells.

Delicious! Thank you Woolbright Farmers Markert!


Someone sent us a big box of honeybells in January. They were yummy!! I'll have to check out Woolbright Farmers Market. Thanks for the tip.
Allergic Girl® said…
the honeybells?! who knew?

i just liked that they totally made good on their guarantee. as you call tell, i'm a happy customer!
BG said…
Is this a reference to a Jennifer Weiner story?
Allergic Girl® said…
hey lady
do you mean the link to my buddy andrew's guardian UK story, which takes the name from the jeanette winterson novel, "oranges are not the only fruit"?

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