Westminster Dog Show

The doggies are back, the doggies are back!

Although this Allergic Girl is highly allergic (and no, there aren’t any “hypoallergenic” breeds that I can tolerate; as long as a dog has skin and saliva, I’m allergic) I love watching the Westminster Dog Show on TV. Safe and from a distance.

It’s on for two nights: Monday, Feb 11th and Tuesday, Feb 12th.

I'll have to DVR it so don't tell me who's won-Enjoy!


Katherine said…
My oldest is dog allergic and I sieze on this opportunity to tell you a funny story about her dog allergy that took me 4 years to figure out. I never claimed to be so bright.

So, we're told daughter is allergic. My brother has a beautiful Chesapeake bay and daugher will hive or wheeze with too much interaction. But, she tolerates a friend's lab with no problems. Then, we stay over with another hound loving friend with nary an issue. Brother's Bay continues to drive the girl to distraction - the boy even manages to get a lick or two in over the years and its like leaving a hive imprint (I envision you get the same thing when kissed by beards).

Several months ago, she picks up a kibble (I don't know - she's a kid!) and her hand hives up. It occurs to me to look at doggie's food - shellfish. My brother, a scientist and unable to help himself, changes the food - daughter manages interactions with the Bay just fine now.

Allergies - they are funny.
Allergic Girl® said…
actually...that is very common:
allergies to dog food!

yeah me it allergies to the dogs and probably the food as well but i've never gotten that close. ;-)

glad you were able to figure that out--so can she play with dogs on a vegan diet? ;-)
Katherine said…
Vegan dogs . . . funny. No, she is allergic to dogs (I hate to use the word mild in relation to any allergy), just not nearly as allergic as she is to shellfish. She can abide a visit to the home of a dog owner. But she had always reacted quickly and significantly at this house before this dog got a new diet.

Hope you enjoyed the show!
Allergic Girl® said…
s'true! a dear friend of the family who is vegan has her happy doggies on a vegan diet, fresh fruit and veggies and grains and they love it [they are all recovery dogs].

didn't see the show yet. ;-) was out last night at new resto opening, tre dici and out tonight so am DVR'ing. can't wait to see that working group! ha!
Vittoria said…
So far I have encountered 1, and only 1, dog whom I can actually pet. That is my cousin's Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I react even to other 'Wheaties' and all other bogs in general. Since going on a gluten free diet I can now enter the home of a furry friend with out going out of my mind, but I'm still allergic. Also, since going GF my "eczema" (dermatitis herptiformus) has really improved along with my other allergies.

Oddly, I am still allergic to bananas.

Allergic Girl® said…

that's interesting that going GF has helped your doggie allergies.

BTW the beagle won!! he was a major crowd favorite!
Allergic Girl® said…
look at this gorgeous animal!


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