Allergic Girl and the Hudson Valley Celiac Support Group

Dear friend and fellow Bennington College MFA alum Linda Freeman invited me to come talk with her celiac support group in the Hudson Valley Tuesday April 15th. (That’s upstate New York to those of you not in the tristate area or unfamiliar with the Hudson River School, but I know you knew that).

Linda is a true go-getter. As soon as she was diagnosed, she jumped right into the swing of getting informed, building a community, and founding the Hudson Valley Celiac Support Group. (Speaking of swing: did I mention she and her husband Chester teach swing dancing?)

If you're upstate NY, come, join us--it would be great to see any fellow bloggers, swing dancers, food allergic or those that love them!


ByTheBay said…
I really wanted to come hear you speak but unfortunately the pre-Passover planning/cleaning/crazy is just too overwhelming. I hope it goes fabulously, though.
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks bythebay-chag sameach!

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