Jo-sef's Gluten-Free Cookies

Bloatilla The Tum, yup that’s me.

Let me go back in time a few days. Nosing around the gluten-free shelves upstairs at Fairway a few weeks ago, I spotted some of the Josef's line of cookies. A local GF company, right from Brooklyn. I was very excited, creme filled GF delights! I opted to try something simple to start, vanilla cookies, no crème.

I noted that they were made in a GF, nut-free facility, RAH!

I also noticed that part of their GF flour mix included soy. Hmmm.

My history with soy these last few years has been complicated. I cut it out entirely by 2005-2006 due to some tummy issues. But that was now over two years ago. I had a soy mishap recently (and I mean GF soy sauce) and my tummy was upset for about 12 hours but not majorly and mostly ignorable. So I was thinking that my stomach is so much better these days that I could try a product with soy flour.

I was clearly wrong.

This is not a reflection on Jo-sef’s fine product; it is clearly my error for trying something with soy flour as a main ingredient. The result: three days of Bloatilla The Tum. Yup. I will spare you the intimate details but lets say the past three days my body told me: no soy.

Such a shame because the cookies were delightful.

Has anyone else who is GF and NOT soy-free tried their product?


Tilly said…
See I have a similar problem but with rice!
Any thoughts,ideas?

Are you wanting pre-made cookies only?
Allergic Girl® said…
that is a toughie as GF pre made products so often uses rice flour.

vittoria told me of the andean dream cookies, GF made with quinoa but they may have rice flour as well.

what about sorghum based cookies from enjoy life? no rice flour.

as for recipes, i make PB cookies all the time with no flour of any kind: just 1 c PB, 1 c brown sugar and 1 egg.

i was trying jo-sef's b/c they looked good! ;-)
Is it possible to make cookies using chick pea flour? So many Indian recipes use it (especially for fried foods and snacks) and to me it has a sweetish taste.
Ms. Jan said…
I'm a new reader, so you may have addressed this before. Hubby(Greyhair) is allergic to soy (among many others) and we've devised an alternative to soy sauce when we eat Vietnamese food (sesame free, thankfully). We use 1 part balsamic vinegar, 1 part rice wine vinegar, a bit of Splenda and then about 5 parts water. He likes it better than soy sauce and we use it whenever we stir fry, which is several times a week.

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