Worry-Free Dinners™ Event -- Date Change


Our next Worry-Free Dinners event is 6pm, Sunday, June 8th -- just send an email to worryfreedinners@gmail.com for an application and join us!

**This WFD event will be sponsored by the online health news network, HealthCentral.com. Dinner guests will also receive an assortment of Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ environmental control and allergen reduction products from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America worth $500. (Seriously!)**

We're going be cozily encamped in a booth at one of New York City's yummiest hotpsots, Craftbar on Broadway and 20th street.

Yes, we are doing it on a Sunday, early, so hopefully some of you out of towners can join us.

And yes, that is rabbit terrine you see on the menu.

And yes, it's ALL gluten-free. And peanut-free (all Crafts are peanut-free, go Tom). And tree-nut free. And shellfish free.

Craftbar rocks my world; let it rock yours, come join us!


Catherine said…
I had a FANTASTIC gluten-free dinner at Craftbar a couple of weeks ago - this will be a great event. Congrats !

Allergic Girl® said…
thanks GF guide, it's super fun there, i'm looking forward!

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