Florent, NYC

Florent: always a good time and yesterday was no exception.

I started going, in the 80s, late at night, me and the 7 foot tall drag queens and tranny ho messes . It was not nice in the meat packing district back in the day: meat scraps and beef blood in the street, fish stink from the river, all dark corners and prostitutes. And then the oasis of Florent. I was only a young teen, out way too late, but it was super tranny fun.

Then I didn’t return to Florent until the aughties—still a late hang, still a fun crowd.

Now it's closing.

So Shari of Bayer Public Relations, Francine, the new Editor in Chief of Food and Beverage Magazine, and I trouped down for a goodbye luncheon.

Only now did Chef Michael they tell me that they make fries in a dedicated fryer. We’re going back again for Denial.

Here are some pix on a rainy Monday on Ganesvoort Street before it all goes away.

Front entrance:




Chicken sandwich:

AG's Mushroom omelet:

Inside/out view:

Interior view:

Why the hood is changing:


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