Dos Caminos Third Avenue, NYC

Here’s a quick tale of a restaurant that got it so right.

Had a business meeting on Wednesday and as they both knew about the allergic girl sitch they asked me to suggest an AG friendly spot midtown. I chose Dos Caminos Third Avenue as back in my publishing days I’d take both authors and agents to the Dos Caminos Park Avenue outpost and they were usually pretty decent about allergies. [PS I didn't call ahead and I didn't talk with management when I arrived.]

Either the B.R. Guest Restaurant Group has stepped up the allergy love or this chef took it upon himself to step it up.

After explaining my needs and the server checking with the kitchen our dishes arrived. My dish had a sticker on it that said “Allergy” in bold red letters. (What?! Yay!!)

The busser took off the sticker and handed me my allergy-free dish. I’ve never seen that used before and I loved it!

As we started our meal, the floor manager made himself known to us just to check in specifically with my needs and my dish. Love, love, love that!

This is how it should be folks. Don’t expect anything less. Seriously.

Thank you Dos Caminos, you have my patronage!

Dos Caminos
825 Third Avenue At 50th
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212.336.5400
Fax: 212.336.5450


Jenny said…
I love the sticker idea!!! This is great. Also, great to hear that the floor manager was "checking in."

You're positive dining out with food allergies stories are so entertaining to read--and they give me hope for my nut-allergic daughter.

Of course it goes without saying that you are polite and charming to the staff when making your allergy requests. That always helps you get better service no matter what. :) Keep it up, AG.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey jenny,

you are right, politeness and charm are 2 tactics in my arsenal of "how to eat allergen-friendly" anywhere!

this was extra special cool though!
Sawyer said…
ahh yes, this happened the first time i went to dos caminos.

the second time, however, my waiter did not seem to understand my allergy, refused to let me speak with the chef, my plate did not come out with an "allergy" sticker on it, and i had a really nasty allergic reaction, OF COURSE.

dos caminos no longer has my patronage.
Allergic Girl® said…
oh no sawyer, that is bad. did you tell dos caminos what happened? at which outpost? inconsistency is the bane of an allergic person's dining out experience, at least one of them. i would let them know what happened so they can fix it! good luck!

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