Fancy Food Show, NYC, 2008

Had a dip into the Fancy Food Show in NYC last Sunday. More than a dip really, I walked the whole show which was huge in three hours. That is a feat let me tell you!

In hindsight, It seemed like aisles and aisles...

Gourmet honey was everywhere--here's one company, Savannah Bee Company, making honey flavored beauty products (with alot of nut oils):

Fancy olive oils, flavored waters (one called Metromint one called Hint) and organic tomato sauce dominated the show.

However a few of our collective gluten-free heroes were there as well. Here's Tina from Glutino. Did you know they had frozen ready-to-eat GF meals? I haven't seen that in my frozen section in Whole Foods, have you?

Cherrybrook Kitchen was there unveiling some new GF cookies, vanilla graham and chocolate chip. I had a taste and forgot to snap a pic...

Here’s me (red-eyes got me again)and Shabtai hottie Andrew (sorry girls, he's taken).


In some news: Eden Foods has a new line of organic GF rice and beans that I tried the week before. They are a great, cheap and easy lunch for the workplace:

San-J maker of organic GF tamari is making these marinades GF as of January 2009. Very cool!

Hillside Candy, makers of the Go Lightly brand for diabetics, has rolled out a gluten-fee organic hard candy: Go Naturally using evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup. They were pretty organically yum!

And last bit of news, I met Molly of Miss Molly's icing. I know you've seen it too in the Whole Foods fridge section. It's ready made frosting that's: "Non-Hydrogenated, No Gluten, No Soy, No Nuts, No Eggs, No Preservatives, No Colors". Woo Hoo, right?

Now on the packages it does say made in a facility with tree-nuts and I asked Miss Molly about this. She was advised to place that on the product because she shares a facility with another manufacturer who occasionally uses nuts in his products, but on different days and after everything is cleaned etc. There is NO contact between these two companies and Molly assured me that her highly nut allergic son eats the product all the time and is fine.

Now everyone is different so PLEASE call the manufacturer if you have questions (Tel: 603-491-6464) but I tried it right there, and yup, it's delicious GF icing.


OK now you know the basics of this year’s offerings. Enjoy!


CeliacChick said…
Thanks for the report...couldn't make it this year...I always find it soooo overwhelming. I have a friend that works at the show every year and can get free tickets...want to go together next year? Let me know.
Allergic Girl® said…
it IS overwhelming but alot of meat, dairy and free tastes of things that are not AG friendly narrows it down ALOT. ;-)

next year, yes, let's go!

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