Gluten-Free in New Haven, CT

From an AG reader for all of you GF folks in Connecticut:

I wanted to tell you that I was in New Haven, CT yesterday and ate at a wonderful little cafe called Claire's Corner Copia. They have a gluten-free menu, very considerate staff, and the owner was sitting right at the front to meet guests and offer assistance. Oh-- and they had gluten-fee blueberry cake!! I was beside myself with joy.

If you are ever in New Haven, I would definitely recommend going-- their website says to feel free to call in advance to help plan your meal-- I did and they said they would make sure to have a gluten-free cake the day I came. It was really fabulous.

I thought, "it should always be this easy."


Jaime said…
I *love* Claire's! I'm a longtime vegetarian, and it's a mecca. Delicious food, and, as is often the case with veggie joints, very understanding about dietary issues. I eat there whenever I'm in New Haven. Completely delicious stuff.
Allergic Girl® said…
so glad to hear it, thanks jaime!

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