Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy

In keeping with my desire to add some leisure back into my life, I went to the Metropolitan Museum last Wednesday to immerse myself in something larger, ageless and enduring.

And then I went to the Superheroes exhibit.

I love when museums get those who may not otherwise be interested engaged in art. Costume design is an easy hit, a crowd pleaser and this exhibit is no exception. Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume is there both as Clark Kent and the man of steel; the recent Spiderman; Christian Bale’s Batman; the original Wonder Woman worn by Linda Carter (she was much smaller than she looked on TV); even the recently released Ironman’s suit. Alongside these iconic costumes were contemporary designers takes on the themes. Fun.

Afterwards, I walked through Central Park stopping at the Great Lawn to look at the part of a rainbow that was overhead and the streaky cloud formations and took this picture.

Ah leisure, welcome back!


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