Acidophilus milk

So here I am, doing my Allergic Girl thing: eating out, writing about it, trying to be all allergy aware.

And what's the most popular post on my site?

The one that I get so many hits daily I can’t even count?

Acidophilus milk.

Something I’ve never tasted, and at this point being lactose intolerant I don’t know that I could/should.

And I still haven't seen it being sold here in NYC.

Just one of those funny bloggy things I thought I’d share.


Vittoria said…
I was just reading about the SCD diet and that says that acidophilous milk is milk in which the lactose has been digested by the acidopholus culture. But it sounds a little vague.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey v: i wonder if acidophilus milk is like yogurt with that culture, just, er, milk? ;-)

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