Nana's No Gluten Lemon Cookies

I’ve been eyeing Nana’s No Gluten Cookies for years as they are in every health food store. And they have "No dairy, No eggs, No hydrogentated oils, No added salt and No refined sugar". Yay! In the past, I've hesitated from trying for one main reasons: their GF cookies are made in a facility that processes nuts in the same facility.

Lucky moi, a friend of the family knows the daughter of “Nana”, Denise, and put us in touch. We had a lovely convo about her product line, their gluten-freeness and their great allergen-awareness. During our phone convo, Denise looped in the manager of the plant where these cookies are processed to talk about my concerns.

As the manager said, she is a mother who has a child with allergies and understands the concerns. She personally assured me how careful they are about processing nuts and keeping everything clean and separate. I felt completely reassured about how careful they are, enough to finally try the Lemon cookies (*I’ve had my eye on those especially*).

Hard to believe these cookies are completely vegan and GF. The lemon cookies are moist and very lemony, not gritty and little to no aftertaste. I also tried the ginger and chocolate. The ginger was moist, and gingerbread-tasting but fell apart. The chocolate tasted of coconut, which was odd and off putting.

But lemon is a rock-star and I’ve found my new indulgence!

If you have any questions about Nana’s product, I encourage you to call their 800 line or email them ( or 800-836-7534). They want to hear from you and they can tell you everything you need to know about their products. For your information, they also sent me their “No Gluten and Allergy Fact Sheet”.

See below.

Nana’s Cookie Company produces delicious gluten-free and casein free Cookies, Bars & Bites. The Gluten Free Cookies, Bites & Bars are made without nuts. However, some of our other delicious Cookies do contain nuts and our products are manufactured on shared equipment with products that contain tree nuts and/or peanuts.

How Are Nana’s No Gluten Products Made?

• We use separate baking pans which are kept in a separate location. We bake on separate no gluten days

• We use paper on all pans.

• Our equipment is stainless and everything is totally scrubbed down before mixing and baking.

• The ingredients are kept separate.

• Packaging equipment is scrubbed down, the chain is dropped, removed, and soaked, then put back on machine for packaging.

• We do have an Allergy Information notice on all products that identifies that Nana’s products are manufactured on shared equipment with products that may contain tree nuts/and or peanuts

Nana’s No’s: No Dairy · No Refined Sugars · No Eggs · No cholesterol · No Transfat · No Hydrogenated Oils · No Cane or Beet Products · No Preservatives · No GMO’s

For additional information, please contact us directly at or 800-836-7534


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