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How cool is this story about Gilt here in NYC? Except for the minor editorial error, celiac is not an allergy, kudos for F&W for writing about this!

Celiac Disease: A Restaurant-Goer's Success Story, By Kate Heddings, Senior Food Editor

A friend of mine, John, suffers from celiac disease, which in short means he can't eat any gluten. Before going out to eat, he calls the restaurant and alerts them, and they usually just make sure he orders safely and leave it at that. Recently, he shared a great story with me. His wife called the restaurant Gilt, here in Manhattan, and told them ahead of time that he'd be coming in and that he has this allergy. Once they were seated at their table, a waiter came over and placed a bread basket on the table. His wife reached for the bread, but the waiter gently pushed her hand away, telling them that the kitchen had prepared a special basket of gluten-free rolls just for John. For someone whose dietary restriction is more typically treated as a nuisance, this was exceptional. And the rolls were good! In fact, John says that he polished off the whole basket (who wouldn't in his situation?) and the waiter brought out more, then let him take some home as well. Has John been back? As many times as he can. Kudos to chef Chris Lee and his staff at Gilt.


Sarah R said…
That's the most amazing story... I wish more places like that existed around here. Definite props to them!

I have a gift for you at my blog:
Anonymous said…
I just found your site. Your allergies are pretty similiar to my daughters (melons, nuts, etc). But She is allergic to dust and dust mites too though.. we have to have special covers and even special vacuums that use UV light to kill dust mites.

We make our foods at home because of the cross-contamination issues. But it's also good because it reduces landfill waste that package food brings.

Anyways, just wanted to say that I like your blog.
Allergic Girl® said…
sarah--thank you for the lovely gift! so kind and really appreciated!

heacollins: thanks. and yeah im allergic to dust and mold and pollen too, all that environmental good stuff. having some ragweed issues here right now in the northeast so i totally know where you're family is coming from. and yes, making whole foods from scratch is great, the less processing the better! thanks for writing in.
babysteps said…
yay, F&W article = more awareness.

I've had restaurant special (that is, no gf menu) GF bread 2x - once at Per Se (guess the $$$ places really do focus on customer service) and once at the CIA's Ristorante Caterina de'Medici (which said they also could do gf pasta if asked).
Allergic Girl® said…
wow babysteps, yes ive heard great things abt per se [i met the pastry chef who said they do special requests all the time without issue]. and luckily there are also lots of smaller less $$ that are allergy-friendly! :-)

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