Sweden is Allergy-Friendly

An entire country whose restos are allergy-friendly?

Check out this Yahoo story sent in by an AG reader.

Thanks reader!

"STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Restaurant-goers with food allergies can soon chow down in Sweden with confidence in eateries bearing 'allergy-free' certificates, Sweden's Asthma and Allergy Association said Thursday.

The certificate will be granted to restaurants whose staff undergo a special training course that will enable them to better advise patrons of their food options and avoid the risk of allergic reactions.

"We have noticed for many years that people suffering from food allergies have a lot of problems when they eat out in a restaurant, and we want to help the restaurants cater to these people," Marianne Jarl, who is heading up the project, told AFP.

One in four adults in Sweden was believed to have some form of food allergy, though serious allergies were rarer, she added.

Mats Hulth, the head of the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association, welcomed the initiative.

"This is the first time in Sweden and the first time in Europe" that this kind of label is being made available to eateries, he said.

"It's a question of competition too because it could be good for a restaurant to show the sign on the door," he added.

Hulth himself is partly responsible for the scheme, having suffered a severe allergic reaction to nuts at a Danish restaurant that landed him in hospital.

A Swedish newspaper wrote about his misfortune, and he was later contacted by the Asthma and Allergy Association about a possible collaboration."


zebe912 said…
That's awesome. I wish the US would get around to even advocating this stuff much less working on restaurant designations.
Unknown said…
This is an interesting development. I am eager to see what massachusetts does with its food allergy/restaurant bill. One thing that is being proposed is some sort of "allergy friendly" designation but it is not clear what would define a restaurant as being "allergy friendly". We'll have to wait till the legislature is back in session!
Allergic Girl® said…
zebe-- i know, see jennifer b's comment

jennifer b--totally, gotta love that ming tsai and all he's doing for the MA bill.
Kali said…
In general, I would consider allergy awareness a good idea but the consequence may be that fewer places are willing to take the risk of feeding us.

On a trip to Montreal, I found they had recently hosted an allergy awareness month. It was great to see waiters and service people aware of the issues and un-surprised to hear about my allergies. It was disappointing to be told repeatedly that they couldn't be sure about cross-contamination. The staff of several shops highly discouraged me from eating there.
Jenny said…
What's going on in Sweden and Canada (despite the unfortunate cross-contam issue mentioned by Kali) just shows you that it can be done here, if anyone cares to comply.

That's the real issue! I'd love to see some kind of public education campaign about food allergies!
Allergic Girl® said…
hey jenny
it's coming, in the next 5-7 years would be my guess. the numbers of children with severe allergies is on the rise and just too big to ignore.

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