Michael Bauer, Born Allergic

The Frank Bruni memoir, Born Round, is bringing up a lot of feelings for the food critic/food writer community, the most public of which is a deeper examination of a professional eater’s relationship to food. I discovered this very interesting account of the San Francisco Chronicle’s long time food critic Michael Bauer’s childhood of food allergies. Here's an excerpt of what Bauer had to say.


Unlike Bruni, who wanted to eat just about everything, I wasn't able to eat much of anything. As a small child I was allergic to many common foods. Twice a week I'd go to the Ashley Clinic for a total of five allergy shots. After years of being a pin cushion and dozens of tests from specialists, I was put on a very restrictive diet.

I was allergic to corn, wheat, chocolate, nuts, eggs, milk and various other things I can't even remember now. No ice cream, popcorn, candy bars or hamburger (because of the bun). Most canned fruits and candy were off my list because of the corn syrup used as a sweetener.


Read more of his account at SFGate.com.


Jenny said…
This is a good article--thanks for sharing it. I like that it shows how living with a restricted diet doesn't mean you don't eat well or adventurously.

Thanks for sharing it.

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