Dining Allergy-Free, Boston

I *know* there are people in Boston that dine out allergy-free but are they not blogging or talking or yelping or chowhounding? Yoo hoo, Boston food allergy adults, where are you?

I typed in “allergy-free dining, boston” and MY blog [?!] popped up and not even with a list of places but with the milk desensitization study out of Children’s Hospital Boston. Not what I need and not right at all.

I’m going to Boston this week for the Natural Products Expo East. I haven’t been to Boston in ages and what I remember of dining there as a child, it was (is) a seriously fishy town. As someone with salmon allergies I tend to stay away from fishy places. So that doesn’t seem to leave me with much. I’ve asked on Twitter and the response was thin. Food Allergy Buzz sent over Davios, which looks promising. Food Allergies to Go has a list but many are fish places and Asian spots (not great for my nut and fish allergies).

My Google.com search turned up a few gluten-free listings. Here are some from Chowhound.com, Boston Globe (via Gluten Free Guidebook, thanks Hil) and Gluten Free Celiac web, and Triumph Dining’s GF restaurant guide. I’m extending my search to Boston vegan restaurants as well.

However, as I have said before, gluten-free does not equal allergy friendly. It’s a start but don’t count on it.

So my plan is to bring lost of snacks, make my list to try, do some internet homework, talk with concierge at hotel, use opentable.com to make ressies, make sure I have my dining card and medications on hand and polish up my smile!

If you have non-fishy, allergy-friendly recommendations for Boston (not too far from the convention center area) I’m all ears!


ZM said…

I'm assuming that you've been pointed towards Legal's, Eat at Joe's, etc.

I went to Grezzo, a vegan raw foods restaurant for dinner once. And the foods was astonishingly good. I talked to the staff about my boys (multiple FAs up the wazoo). The staff told me that they love a challenge, and to talk to the chef....

I'm tempted. You?
Allergic Girl® said…
thx for comment but raw food uses too many nuts as the basis for its cuisine.
Unknown said…
I live in the boston suburbs (but on the T, so these rec's may or may not help you (and I'm multi-food allergic, my list is longer than yours.)

Not Your Average Joes (local chain, nyajoes.com)
The Elephant Walk (Cambridge and Boston, I think.)
Cambridge has a bunch of GF pizza places, if you like that sort of thing.
Legal Seafood is awesome about allergies.
b good (another local chain, organic burgers)

Those are my main haunts.... I don't eat out much.
Unknown said…
Great post! And excellent question--where are the food allergy adults here in Boston? Dining out with small children is limiting, so my suggestions are few. I will be anxious to see what restaurant tips you receive.

The Expo's timing is just off for me this year. Wayy too many events for the kids (school events during the day and night!) and myself taking place almost every day this week. :( Hopefully, I will make it next year. Looking forward to hearing about your visit and hope to catch you on your next trip up here.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey jen, sorry i'll miss you but next year def!
Allergic Girl® said…
this large list is from an AG READER who adds: "this list may not be up-to-date so to please call ahead and then double-check (triple-check) once you arrive and leave if you're not 100% assured that you'll be safe."

Thanks ~M!

B. Good - Backbay, Brookline, Harvard Square, Newbury Street - ingredient/recipe book at the register, burgers plus toppings

Boloco - inspired burritos

Bombay Club - JFK Street, Cambridge - 617-661-8100

Burton's Grill - Boston (Fenway: 1363 Boylston St.) - GF Menu: http://www.burtonsgrill.com/downloads/GFTakeOut-Web%20Boston.pdf

Casablanca Restaurant - 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge - 617-876-0999

Chipotle - Cambridge (everything is GF except the tortillas)

Cold Stone Creamery

The Elephant Walk - (Celiac Menu)

*Fireplace Restaurant - 1634 Beacon Street, Brookline - http://www.fireplacerest.com/menus/dinner.php

Hot of the Press Cafe - 736 Mass Ave, Central Square, Cambridge - 617-234-4450 - http://www.hotoffthepresscafe.com/

Jake and Earl's Dixie Barbeque - 220 Moody Street, Waltham - 781-894-4227

*Kick Ass CupCakes - 378 Highland Ave., Davis Square, Somerville - http://kickasscupcakes.com/
GF Cupcakes may include vanilla, mohito and lucky flavors (call to check on today's gf flavor availability)
Hours: 11-7 M-W, 11-8 TH, 11-10 F and Sat, 12-6 Sun

Legal Sea Foods - (Celiac Menu)

Legal Test Kitchen

Life Alive - Lowell, MA and soon in metro Boston

*Henrietta's Table - Harvard Square, Cambridge

Marco - Italian, North End
Marco now offers gluten free options. Please ask your server or feel free call in advance to speak with the manager.

Ma Soba - sushi


Naked Fish

The Natural Food Exchange grocery store in Reading, MA

Nebo - North End - GF Menu - http://www.nebopizzeria.com/menu.htm - pizza, pasta
nebo restaurant at 90 N. Washington St. in Boston’s North End, talk to Christine or Carla

"A New Leaf" grocery store with large gf section in Needham, MA

The Oxford Spa Café - Cambridge -102 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA - 617-661-6988 (but they don't serve GF bread anymore)
Review: Gluten Free Restaurants in Cambridge, MA

P.F. Changs - (Celiac Menu)


*Rani (Indian, but got some so-so reviews) - 1353 Beacon St., Brookline (Coolidge Corner) - 617-734-0400. http://www.ranibistro.com/

*Rendezvous - Central Square - http://www.rendezvouscentralsquare.com/blog/Menu

*Rocca - Boston (South End) - http://www.roccaboston.com/menus/dinner-entrees.php

Stone Hearth Pizza - Somerville/Cambridge

Wagamama's - Faneuil Hall
ZM said…
nuts are among my boys' allergens - and yes, I had noticed the use of nuts in the food we ate. When I asked if Grezzo could accommodate allergies, I asked specifically about the nut allergies (and others). They still felt that a call to the chef was worthwhile.

Unknown said…
Blue Ginger (the owner is celebrity chef, father of a boy with multiple allergies and a spokesperson for FAAN). The food is amazing, it is one of the top ten restaurants in Boston, and they have a system in place for serving guests with allergies, book with all ingredients etc. Rialto (in Harvard Square) was listed as allergy friendly on a blog I came across, but I have not tested it. Food is great there though.
Unknown said…
My son dines at the Boston restaurants on www.FoodAllergiesToGo.com and most have effectively handled his nut allergies (peanut, tree nuts), even the Asian restaurants. If there's been a problem, it's been noted.

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