Seaport Boston, Pure Rooms

I’ve written about Pure Rooms before. When I was treated to an overnight stay at the Sheraton Tarrytown, there were some lapses in compliance. This time, on my dime in Boston, has probably been closer to what a Pure Room stay should be like and I think Mr. Moore is the reason why.

Matthew Moore, Director of Rooms has made my stay at Seaport Boston very enjoyable by ensuring my Pure Room was perfection. What a pleasure to walk into a hotel room with NO SCENT. What a pleasure to walk into a room and the bedding is hypoallergenic (no feathers) and encased in allergy-free encasements. What a pleasure to have no dust on any surface or in the air when you fluff a couch pillow. What about air purifiers purifying 24/7? Yeah, I’m digging this space.

Here's a picture of my room, from my bed, overlooking the harbor:

Where I'm blogging from:

Not Pure Rooms related but just cool, Matt bought these beauties for the ladies: black, make-up removal facecloths. That's some detail-orientation, Matt:

I was a seriously cozy, non-wheezy, non-allergic Allergic Girl on this jaunt to Boston. Thank you Matt Moore and Seaport Boston. PS I’ll probably be back year for Natural Products Expo East, may I book my room now?


Unknown said…
What an amazing idea. It is so nice when it seems like places go out of their way for people with allergies. Glad you had a safe visit.
Diana said…
How I wish these rooms were available everywhere! I've been stuck in non-smoking rooms that share a ventilation system with smoking rooms, rooms where previous guests had sneaked in their cats, and rooms (usually B&Bs) that were so overloaded with potpourri that the smell clung to my hair in the time it took me to walk into and change my mind about the room.

The idea of sleeping in a room that is just...CLEAN...sounds so wonderful.

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