MA Enacts Food Allergy Law

From The Boston Globe:

Massachusetts health authorities plan this summer to start requiring that restaurant staff and their menus address diners’ potential adverse reactions to nuts, dairy products, and other ingredients that can make pulses race and lungs tighten.

“My goal is to serve anyone with food allergies safely in any restaurant in the state,’’ said Tsai, winner of a prestigious James Beard Award and star of an eponymous PBS show. “I don’t buy that a restaurant’s too busy that they can’t figure out whether it’s safe to serve people. If you do not know what’s in your food at all times, you should get out of the restaurant industry.’’

This Allergic Girl's colleague Dr Mike Pistiner reminds all of us to Trust, But Verify: “This is really a ground-breaking law,’’ said Pistiner, an allergist affiliated with Children’s Hospital Boston. “But people with food allergies are still going to need to be vigilant and choose wisely.’’

Read the whole The Boston Globe article.


Unknown said…
Ming Tsai and the staff at Blue Ginger are the reason I started dining out again after years of believing I couldn't. Woohoo again, Ming!

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