"You’re Such an Adventurous Eater."

During a business meeting with Chef Meghan Young of Dos Caminos Soho, a Worry-Free Dinners partner and a panelist on my International Foodservice and Restaurant Show panel in two weeks (more on that later), we were talking about food allergies and patrons and trust.

Chef said that she was really impressed that I was adventurous with food given my allergy restrictions.

“That’s because I trust you,” I said. “I know you are completely transparent about the ingredients and your methods of preparation; your servers are well trained and everyone here embraces the food allergic patron. I’ve dined here many times and have seen you in action with me and my Worry-Free Dinners members. I know how much you care and how committed you are. So because of that, yes I can say to you, sure let’s try new dish, sounds great.”

If you had asked me five years ago if I thought I would ever have a conversation like this with any chef, I would have said, “No way, just no way.” Goes to show there’s always room for growth, change – expansion within your restrictions. It's starts by having a conversation with the restaurant and by utlizing my best dining out tips.

Have any of you recently had a similar experience: someone viewing you in a new positive way that you hadn’t even seen yourself? Do tell, I'd love to hear.


Unknown said…
I haven't had the experience with restauranteurs yet, but I have had my bagged meals coveted often. And a couple of times, when I've offered to take someone out in celebration, they've asked me if I would cook them something particular instead.

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