Thank You, Anonymous New Yorkers

"Your friend from Picholine just gave me your name. I think we're long lost friends and that you've just made my day! I've quickly checked out your site & blog, love it! I've been called "the allergy girl" for a fair amount of my life too..."

That's lovely, thank you, but I don't know anyone at Picholine (I wish) and I've never even been there to dine. Hmmm.

Or this: "I recently visited The Coffee Shop at Union Square, NY and a waitress informed me about your website, after I apologetically asked a third time if the dressing on a salad really was free of dairy. I just visited your website and was thrilled to see your recommendations and blog posts."

I haven't been to the The Coffee Shop in at least two years and I know no one there either.

What's going on? I've been getting more and more blog traffic and emails like this - NYC servers/hosts/managers are giving their food allergic/food intolerant patrons my Allergic Girl website.


I think (I hope) this means that the positivity between food allergic patrons and foodservice is beginning to happen - person by person, restaurant by restaurant. Maybe doing the Foodshow has had some impact too (I'll be there again next week).

So thank you, New York City foodservice industry for hearing us!


Unknown said…
Hey Allergic Girl, this is great news! You are clearly leaving a lasting impression on these restaurants. Congrats!
Unknown said…
That's awesome AG! Getting food allergy awareness up in general is an accomplishment, getting personal recognition is even more fabulous! If word of mouth is getting to the "friend of a friend" stage, even better. (Do you know how much marketing departments spend for this very same thing?)

As long as people are learning that we're not just finicky eaters, we're making progress!

Keep up the good work! Yay you!

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