FAAN Conference, 2010

FAAN has posted their spring conference list. I went last year and this is what I posted:

Whether you or your family has been newly diagnosed or you’ve had food allergies a long time, it’s always worth it to continue to educate yourself, to meet and connect with others in the food allergic community and to know you are not alone.

And it's still true! It was super to meet other food allergy bloggers, and even some Worry-Free Dinners members. I’ll be attending this year, perhaps I'll see you there.

Here’s more info from FAAN.


Unknown said…
The conference flyer looked fabulous if you were just diagnosed or are a parent of a child with food allergies, but I wish FAAN made an effort to include adults living with food allergies as more than just an afterthought. They never have anything on adult issues (workplace issues, living alone or with roommates, dating, etc.)
Allergic Girl® said…
i agree rebecca. i'm speaking with FAAN's president next month and i'll ask her about that.
Unknown said…
Please let me know if you get a productive response from FAAN and if there's anything I can do to contribute. I'm more than willing to write or present! But when I have tried to raise the issue of including adults in their offerings, I received one negative response and one non-response. I sure hope you have better luck.

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