Allergic Girl and Philadelphia

I will be attending the AAAAI conference next weekend at the Philadelphia Convention Center--can you say “Arlen Specter”?

I haven’t been to Philly in a while, and that last time was in North Philly for a shiva call. Needless to say, dining wasn’t on my mind.

So are there any Allergic Girl Philly readers out there who have a recommendation or two on what spots to check out? I have a few free evenings and any thoughts would be welcomed.

Tell me about your city!


allergic diner said…
Make sure to take a pass at Reading Terminal Market, located right by the convention center. It's kind of a gigantic food court, and you can find plenty of allergy-friendly options (and specialty foods!) - it'd be perfect for a quick (and SAFE)lunch.
Great allergy-attentive (and easy gluten-free, nut-free options) service at The Prime Rib. Bridget Foy's on South Street has delicous upscale bar food and has always been good about allergies for me as well.
A lot of people recommend Meritage for gluten-free dining, but their menu has a TON of fish and I'm not sure it would be a great place for you. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear about it!
Allergic Girl® said…
great ideas! thanks. of course half my bag is already packed with AG safe snacks... ;-)

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