Rice Chex is Gluten-Free

Was out with Catherine of AGluten-FreeGuide.com last night at Otto Enoteca.

She's just crazy for crazy for their “Escarole & Sunchoke” salad (it has almonds so I can’t indulge). I had the gluten-free pasta (they use Tinkyada) with a meat sauce that is not on the menu (yeah, that’s how I roll--at least in my dreams. This is one of the few places where I can order at least one dish off-menu and I do every chance I get!)

During the course of conversation, Catherine told me the most interesting news she had heard on the celiac forum boards. Rice Chex is going gluten-free; General mills has taken the plunge. Here a picture of the new Rice Chex box.

Which mainstream company will be next? Bigger question, which mainstream company will put out a gluten-free, organic product without added vitamins (makes me shudder to think what they took and how they took it out in order to replace it but that’s a different post).

Regardless, Gluten-free Rice Chex eaters, rejoice!


Greyhair said…
That is awesome! Thanks for the news. Cereal has been particularly difficult for me as I'm allergic to corn and soy as well as wheat.
Allergic Girl® said…
you're welcome greyhair!
soy corn and wheat are really everywhere. have you found cereal that works for you? like amaranth? or GF oatmeal?
Greyhair said…
The Rice Chex will work. I've been eating a rice based off-brand cocoa puffs cereal for kids. It's ok, but gets boring after awhile. Now I've actually got a choice .... a cereal I used to eat as a kid!

As far as the others, I'm entertaining the GF oatmeal. I'm pretty new to this (I was dx'd a couple of months ago) and I'm wary of oats in any form.
Allergic Girl® said…
you're right to be wary, however there are some reliable GF oats out there like http://www.glutenfreeoats.com/

the celiac boards will have more.

i make hot rice cereal in the morning or hot quinoa either with maple syrup, some lactaid milk or rice milk, and cinnamon. very yum. and GF.
Greyhair said…
Sounds like it may be worth a try.

Thanks for providing a great resource for those of us navigating the turbulent allergy water. I'm apparently allergic to just about everything and it's been a challenge. However the good news is that since cleaning up my diet, I'm off all stomach meds and feel a whale of a lot better.
Iris&David said…
Ms Allergic.. very interesting blog.. thanks for sharing.. and thanks for your mention last year of our film (The Gefilte Fish Chronicles)... its coming back up on channel 13 on april 14th (check for times)... and may you have a healthy Seder, with no reactions except warmth for family.

David Burnett
Allergic Girl® said…
from mary: "But aren't Chex made with peanut flour? Would be nice if big companies would go gluten AND nut free, you know?"
babysteps said…
hot cereal, I like polenta or grits can make with water or broth and if dairy's okay add cheese or milk, can even spice up with chilies if you wish - or go sweet with maple syrup

cold, just tried erewhon's crispy brown rice cereal - from box I thought they would be rice-puff ish but I forgot the picture is "larger than life size" - they're actually very similar to rice crispies, quite tasty (and not too much sugar, all the gluten free corn flakes seem to be pretty sweet)
Beth41777 said…
That is so wonderful! I wish more brands would wake up and smell the gluten... and remove it from their products so we Celiacs could eat normal food!
FoodAllergyMom said…
Thank you so much for this info! I can finally make my 6 yr old chex mix (our extremely altered version) again without having to by a huge box of expensive specialty cereal and end up throwing half of it away. BTW to the best of my knowledge chex cereal does not contain peanut flour but the prepackaged "Chex Mix" does, although that could mean it's processed in a shared facility, I don't know.

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