“Lord I was born a traveling man”

OK, clearly that is not true, I was born in New York City and I’m certainly NOT a man. But I am traveling this weekend and after a lifetime of being an Allergic Girl I have got it down.

Today, as I write this I’m on an Amtrak train bound for Philly. I have my canvas satchel filled with the essentials: laptop, DVDs (I always carry some “I Love Lucy” with me, it has a calming/hysterical laugh out loud effect especially during turbulence); Oprah and Lucky mags (now you know all of my secrets), and yes, snacks.

I’m sure growing up with a mother who always packed little goodies for me to eat when we traveled (she likes her snacks as well) helped normalize this behavior, packing snacks that is. And growing up shuttling between two parents’ homes made me an expert packer. Although the early years were rough: my good comic books were always at the wrong apartment, not to mention my math textbook was never where it was supposed to be. Not that I minded as I really disliked math.

Today I brought a light lunch-y type snack. In a large Ziploc with a cold pack I have: Edward and sons cheddar rice snaps, juicy red grapes, Horizon Colby cheese sticks. I can just tell my seatmate is a bit envious, I saw her eyeing my grapes. They are perfect right now, red grapes.

And yes I have more snacks packed away in my rollie bag, about a third of the weight of my bag is in snacks. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip cookies are in there: after dinner a girl has to have a little treat and sometimes a piece of fruit just won’t do it. Actually I’m more of an afternoon 4pm tea and biccies kind of girl. More rice crackers, you can never have too many, organic dried fruit, and rice milk. For such a short weekend, I didn’t go too crazy and I’m hoping to fill in with fresh fruit either at the hotel or at a local farmer’s market.

Which I did as soon as I arrived. I trotted right over to the Reading Market picked up some fruits ($1 red grape grab bag! Wow!) and took a stroll with the camera. And no I didn’t take any pictures of the Pennsylvania Dutch in their white and perfectly starched “Witness” hats.

My desk:

Veggies in Iovine's Market:


Some local ice cream brand?


Lise Samson said…
Have a good trip!
Shannon B. said…
I enjoy riding the train! I've taken it a couple of times from Boston to NYC. I love it. I just catch up on my reading or watch a few DVDs on my lap top. It's also nice if you have a wireless laptop card (like I have for work) I just catch up on my interneting, emails and write some meaningful emails to friends (or just internet shop for 4 hours!)

It's rare you make yourself sit down for a few hours and just enjoy yourself and compose your thoughts :D
allergic diner said…
Glad to see you made it to Reading Terminal..."giant food court" doesn't exactly do that place justice, does it?
I hope it was a great trip!

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