Spring Allergies and WFUV

Spring allergies are on the horizon as the first day of spring is March 20th. (Actually spring allergies have been kicking my butt, er, nose for at least two weeks now. How about you?)

If you are a WFUV listener, you can hear talking about spring allergies and what to do about them, March 19th at 745am at 90.7 on your FM dial If you are in the New York metro area, you can hear live WFUV streaming tomorrow morning.

Are you suffering from spring allergies already like me and millions of others? Tell me, how to do you survive the season?


Meg said…
Homeopathic pills and lots of showers! I have been taking the homeopathic pills for most of my life, and they really help.
Bill Lawson said…
alegra & singular
Allergic Girl® said…
hey meg, showers? to wash away the pollen from outside, or the steam to open your lungs?

hey lawsonpix, allegra AND singulair, does that combo work? i've been meaning to try singulair but the side effects scared me off...
Meg said…
I try to take a quick shower after I come in if I have had a really bad reaction and at least wash my face and arms every time I come in. So it is both washing the pollen off and clearing my lungs. Before I found which homeopathic remedies helped best,I would swell up like tomatoe in no time, so showers were really nescesary to calm down the reaction!
Hey Allergic Girl,
I do a few things, but I still suffer, and would LOVE other ideas on helping my eyes (in particular) get through this season.

I do nasal irrigation every single day, and that has changed my life (I use the Grossan Pulsatile Nasal Irrigator). I’ve been doing it for 9 years (after the recommendation of a doctor post sinus surgery) and it, more than anything, keeps me breathing easily. If I don’t do it for a few days, I can see the nastiness that is Manhattan dirt that I carry around with me.

I also use Euphorbium Sinus Relief homeopathic nasal spray, which you can buy at Whole Foods. A doctor recommended this for me at the Continuum Center for Health & Healing, and it really works.

For my eyes, I use Similasan homeopathic eye drops, which you can get at Rite Aid. But, I’d love other ideas for eye help because I’m really having a hard time.

On a related topic, I wear glasses because of my eye allergies, and I’d love to get back into contacts. Anyone else out there have this issue and have found a solution that is not lasik surgery?

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