S’Mac is Gluten-Free!

S'MAC review as of September 2009


I received this lovely note this morning that S'Mac, the all mac-n-cheese, all the time spot here in NYC has now developed a GF version of anything on their menu.

Hi Everyone,

Gluten Free mac & cheese is now on the menu at S'MAC!!!

Details are available at http://www.smacnyc.com/glutenfree.html.

Thanks for waiting and we hope that you stop by in the coming weeks and try it out.


My two concerns: cross contamination, always, but also the corn flakes they use instead of breadcrumbs.

I emailed Sarita, the owner, for further clarification on the GF status of the cornflakes and this was her reply:

Hi - it did take some work to find genuine GF cornflake crumbs (in bulk quantities) but here is the brand we will be using. I.M. Healthy Corn Flake Crumbs. Hope that helps, Sarita

For those of who you can tolerate dairy, your GF mac-n-cheese dreams might just have been answered.

Run don't walk to S'MAC...


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