Allergic Girl and New York Magazine

Did you see this article by Katie Workman "When Cardamom Can Kill? " in this past week's New York Magazine.

And there were also some tips from this Allergic Girl. (Remember the egg white in my drink? On a date no less! Oy!) Have a look at some more AG tips to help when dining out.

Really, the more it gets talked about, the more patrons let restaurants know their needs, the better I think for those of us with food restrictions or specialized diets.

Thank you New York Magazine!


Jenny said…
This was a good article--your tips were the best part of it, though. :)

One of the comments posted after the article got me though--another person blamed food allergies on overprotective parents who don't allow their kids to play in the mud.

Hello--my little girl could bathe in mud if I thought it would help her allergies. I have heard the "play in mud" theory many times. Have you been confronted with this? How frustrating!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks jenny!
i haven't encountered that as an adult nor as a kid.

when i was a child with food allergies there's just wasn't this kind of backlash, nor were SO many dx with allergies.
Unknown said…
Hello! I was glad to read the NY Magazine article and tips! You're doing a great service for everyone with food allergies. When my kids are old enough to take to NYC, I will be able to use the great info on your blog. For now, I am enjoying reading it and getting your perspective!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks jennifer b!
CeliacChick said…
Congrats, Sloane! Very exciting!

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