Bermuda and Food Allergies

So how did it all work out in Bermuda?

Well I’m very safe and sound AND I had a great allergen-free time!

How did that happen? The firm that organized our weekend excursion, A&O Management and Franz Stuhlpfarrer in particular worked with every restaurant to tell them about my needs. I sent him a detailed list of what I am allergic to and what I am intolerant of and how BEST to create a safe meal for me: i.e. “Basically my diet is plain grilled red meats or chicken, and fruit and vegetables, no sauces. The plainer the better really.”

I love well-seasoned food of course, and sauces are lovely; however, when traveling, in a pretty fishy-zone [there’s Wahoo on every menu] keeping it plain is sooo much safer.

Truly, I’d rather have “boring” than scary any time.

Every restaurant we went to the either the manager presented himself to me or I to him, but everyone had received the email that I had sent Franz and they were prepared for me: gracious about accommodating my needs, thorough about cross contamination and happy to have me there! Each night, I had lean proteins, steamed veggies and no gluten, dairy or soy—and no issues! [This week I think I’m eating vegan though, I can handle only so much wonderful steak!]

Where we went for dinner and who to speak to when you go:

Blu Bar and Grill [Dario, manager]

Four Ways Inn [Thomas, manager]

Café Cairo [Stefan, manager]

Thank you again Franz and managers for taking some of the worry out of my trip!


Jenny said…
That is just so great to hear! You've really taken the initiative to ensure your safety and I wholeheartedly agree with your "plain is better than scary" theory. That's how we approach eating out with our nut-allergic daughter.

I'm also anxious to hear how it goes at Craftbar. That should be a wonderful dining experience--looking forward to the details!
Allergic Girl® said…
thank jenny!

crafbar is going to be incredible, they are so gracious and accommodating there and the food is so gooood. wish you could join!


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