Mother’s Day with Food Allergies

For the last few years, my mother and I celebrate Mother’s Day with a group, usually other mother-daughter teams or friends whose mothers are far away.

Last year we tried Otto after the manager mentioned that they had GF pasta. We had a good time but the meal was a tummy disaster. Something great came out it though: a sit-down with Otto's GM and chef about their GF options, and now I go regularly to a pasta place and have a totally safe gluten-free, allergen-friendly meal!


This year the same group turned to this allergic girl to find something suitable for both me and two others in our group that have some food allergies and intolerances. I chose Little Giant. I had been there once before with a lovely woman I had met at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University dinner in December and had a great allergen-friendly dinner.

We arrived at 630pm to this cozy spot on Orchard Street, all windows and flattering candlelight. When I started to order, the waitress knew about the Allergic Girl situation. This was a first: when I started in with my “I have allergies” speech, she said, “You’re Sloane right?” What a classic move. I love being identified as the one with allergies, means they are on top of their game. I still gave her my run-down; she talked with chef, came back and said, “You can have any protein you want and any side that you want and we will make the necessary adjustments.” How cool is that?!

I actually ordered off the rack (i.e without any special tailoring) which is also a delight. I had the duck confit [duck leg cooked in it’s own fat, yum!]; taleggio polenta with wild mushrooms, and caramelized pearl onions, all gluten-free and allergen-friendly. I started with a plate of their homemade pickles: jicama, golden beets, runner beans, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower. Also yum. The mommies at the table had the swine of the week which this week was pork chop over asparagus risotto. The other allergic girls had the duck and the fish -- all yummy. For dessert we ordered the mommies cookies and “milk” which was freshly made chocolate chip, oatmeal and ginger snap cookies and vanilla ice cream.

We had a lovely evening, no reported tummy issues today from anyone and boy oh boy I can’t wait to return!

Thanks again Little Giant and Chef Tasha.

Little Giant
85 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
t. 212.226.5047


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