"September is National Food Safety Education Month"

Did you know...

"September is National Food Safety Education Month as presented by National Restaurant Association Solutions. This month-long campaign is held every September and focuses on the importance of food safety education for the restaurant and food service industry, while raising public awareness of the industry's commitment to food safety. This year's theme is "Take Action to Prevent an Allergic Reaction." For more information, visit www.servsafe.com/nfsem". [This information was provided by the National Restaurant Association.]

How cool is that?!


NJ EMS said…
I would like to thank you for this blog.I am an E.M.T and we get a lot of anaphylactic patients.
Hmmmm, I think I should tell the folks over at Papa Gino's about this. My son is severely allergic to peanuts. Papa Gino's is one of the places we always feel safe to eat at. Well, not long ago we went and I saw all the workers hovered over a bowl. What was in the bowl you ask? Peanuts! They were all popping peanuts in their mouths! I literally freaked out...and then walked out!
Dawn said…
This is a really valuable blog! I recently (like, TODAY, literally) found out that I have celiac disease, so I appreciate you bringing food allergies and food issues to the table, so to speak ;)
Jenny said…
This is great! Yay. I hope it's a step in the right direction.

The story about waiters poppin' peanuts and then serving possibly allergic customers was blood-chilling to me. Guess sometimes we just have to walk out.

But hopefully, more restaurant awareness will help with these types of situations!

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