Worry-Free Dinners & B.R.Guest

I’m thrilled to announce a new Worry-Free Dinners partnership with a renowned NYC restaurant group: B.R.GUEST.

I've had many happy and allergen-friendly meals at various B.R.Guest restos over the years and have talked about several of them on Please Don't pass the Nuts. Remember my great date at Blue Water Grill? Or the business lunch at Dos Caminos Third Avenue?

Now you can experience some of the allergen-friendly love yourself. We will have our inaugural Worry-Free Dinners event for adult members on July 12th.

The excellent Mexican menu will be gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free, fish/shellfish free and still full of delicious flavor! Chef Young will be on hand to chat and walk us through how she specially prepared each dish just for us. Our table discussion theme will be: safe summer travel with food allergies/dietary restrictions. And as always I'll be there, chatting, coaching and eating with you!

Visit the WFD website for more details.

(Remember: Worry-Free Dinners® is a membership group and you MUST be a member to eat with us. It's super easy to join. Just send an email to worryfreedinners@gmail.com to request an application. )


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