Diet, Food Allergies

There is another aspect of food allergies that is often not discussed and I was glad to see FAAN address it at the FAAN Conference in Tarrytown.


How does one deal with the inevitable dietary restrictions, avoidances and eliminations that are an integral part of a diagnosis of food allergies?

With a lot of emotional, family and medical support. And dietary support from a well-trained, highly knowledgeable registered dietitian.

(Not all dietitians are created alike. Make certain yours is registered with the American Dietetic Association and has experience dealing with food allergies. How do you find out if your dietitian is registered? ASK before you go or look them up on the ADA site .)

I know many of you adults have been dealing with food allergies or intolerances your entire lives and have NEVER seen a registered dietitian, not even once, to go over what you’ve eliminated and what you need to replace. It’s never to late to learn more about your condition and new ways to stay healthy and happy!

According to Marion Groetch MS RD CDC of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine a dietitian is needed:

If eliminating milk or wheat
If eliminating more than one food
If having a tough time with avoidance
If your growth faltering (for kids)
Evidence of nutritional inadequacies
Feeding difficulties or finicky eating (for kids)

Of any of that sounds like you, see a dietitian today. Some helpful sites. (NY ADA Chapter)


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