Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal

When was the last time you had cocoa crispies that make the milk (or dairy-free alternative) turn chocolaty? I know for me it’s been decades. As a child, my mother didn’t allow sugary cereals and then as an adult many of these morning treats became off limits because of my food intolerances (dairy and wheat).

Well, welcome back morning deliciousness.

Erewhon, who I’ve discussed in the past, has both organic and gluten-free cereals. What could be better?

This morning they had a cereal media tasting in Midtown where they displayed what they think could be better.

Erewhon is rolling out two new gluten-free cereals.

Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice whose product development included ensuring that the cereal would make the milk chocolaty (which it does, as you can see in the picture below).

And Strawberry Crisp, Erewhon’s version of Special K, with a light “frosting” and freeze dried strawberries.

I tried them both. (Erewhon/US Mills arranged for some Lactaid milk to be available so I could try the cereal in their correct state--Thank you, Amy!)

The Cocoa Cripsies tasted just right, a deep cocoa flavor but not overly sweet. The Strawberry Crisps flakes had a satisfying corn crunch; the frosting was light enough to suit an adult's palate (who has a low sugar diet, that would be me) and I think a child would still be thrilled with the product.

Overall: I think these new GF cereals are winners.

Thank you Erewhon for the breakfast and for the new products.


YES! I'm glad to know that now we allergic folk now have a chocolatey, sugary option for breakfast cereal! It will be like being a kid again! : ) I'm imagining some very tasty chocolate rice-krispie style treats (made without marshmallows, in my case). Thanks for sharing the news!
Allergic Girl® said…
totally! i can see this is going to develop into a cocoa crisp problem. ive already had 2 svgs today.

hmm, no marshmallows for you?

there are a few companies that do GF and/or allergen free marshmallows like jakes bakes:
Lady Butcher said…
I believe this made my day. Thanks for sharing!
Allergic Girl® said…
lol. im so glad. it's too good. it should be in your whole foods by august, in smaller organic/health food stores earlier or on now so the dir of marketing told me this morning.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey jules
i do coaching for the food allergic family (i'm a social worker). here's my professional site:

email me for further info. allergicgirl at gmail dot com
Libby said…
Damn... makes me wish I wasn't allergic to brown rice!! :)
Alisa said…
Those both sound so good! I need to find some of these media tastings :)
No, the marshmallow thing is tricky. I don't eat gluten, sugar, soy, corn, or cow dairy (among many other things) and most marshmallows use all of those things. If only I could find an agave or brown rice sweetened marshmallow that is also free of all the other stuff! Know of any? I couldn't find ingredients for the jake bakes marshmallows, but those look promising!
Allergic Girl® said…
kim hat abt ricemellow?
Jenny said…
I assume these are nut-free since you also have nut allergies? Just found out that some General Mills cereals like Cocoa Krispies also now contain peanut flour and are off-limits to my kid.

Sometimes GF is unsafe for nut allergies, so just thought I'd ask.
Allergic Girl® said…
dear jenny, this is DIRECTLY from USMILLS:

Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice does NOT have any nut ingredients.

Here are is our allergen prevention statement:

Allergen Prevention Statement

The plant has a written allergen policy meant to control allergens and to prevent sources of allergens from contaminating product. Management and QA perform extensive and continuous training regarding the hazards and containment of allergens.

The allergen procedures include clear labeling and segregation of raw materials. Sealed containers and special storage conditions and locations further reduce chances of cross contamination.

An allergen clean-up is done between each change-over to a different product. This includes documented cleaning, sanitization, and end of run and prestart inspections of the production and packaging areas.

Gluten-free products are tested at various points in the production process to ensure that cross contamination has not occurred. The gluten testing is sensitive to 20 ppm.

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