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We have a history, B&N and I. When I was in grammar school, my grade went on a class trip to Barnes & Noble, to the original flagship on 18th street and lower Fifth avenue. Helene, the very tall and kind headmistress of the lower school, took everyone but me. I was sick that day (asthma related illness).

Everyone who went on that trip came back sporting a Barnes & Noble tote bags, a gift from the store – something to remember them by. I remember feeling disappointed in that way that kids can get; not about the thing itself but the feeling of being left out of something special. Ask me if one child ever brought that Barnes & Noble tote bag to school? The answer was no. But no matter - I missed out. (Speak, Memory indeed.)

Barnes & Noble was in my sights from then on. When I had the chance, that was THE bookstore to which I ran for schoolbooks, fun books, presents for other kids, you name it. It never disappointed – I even had my favorite sections. There was a back left corner that was all Western mythology. Up front was new fiction. Upstairs and in the way back was textbooks until they opened that up to carry more recent fiction and non-fiction, health. Being in a book store with worlds upon worlds just waiting to be discovered has always been both comforting and thrilling beyond measure. (I feel this way about libraries, too.) You can keep your Six Flags; give me a clean well lighted place with books and I’m super happy.

Barnes & Noble expanded and changed into a super store, one that I’m beyond excited to say that I’m now in. After some reports on Facebook, and through some texts that said “I just saw your book in the store…”, I decided last week to check it out for myself on the big beautiful East 86th street location. There it was: Allergic Girl on the Health & Fitness table:

My, oh my - this is way better than a tote bag. I can’t wait for it to come to a Barnes & Noble store near you. Keep an eye out and let me know when you start to see it!


How Exciting!! Congratulations on being in B&N!! I'll keep an eye out for it :)
Lindsay said…
That has got to be the best feeling in the world! Congratulations.
zebe912 said…
That's so cool. I love stories like these!

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