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You know how I love to talk about Team You. So, yes, a team totally created the Allergic Girl book trailer. Some credits and thank yous to The Team behind the magic:

Thank you to John Wiley & Sons for loving and supporting this idea.

Anthony kindly let us film at Bistango NYC and the General Manager, Sam, was our server. Say "Hi!" Next time you go in. Tell them I sent you.

My date was played by the talented Charlie Wilson. Thank you to Alex Gregor at Generate NY for putting us together.

The video production crew was Digital Zen. The director/producer was Heidi Bayer, Bklynallergymom.

My make up was done by Ivan Flores of Paula Dorf.

My wardrobe was all H&M, with help from stylist Michael Palladino

That was a stunt fish ball. It was in fact a sweet adzuki/sesame ball. The nuts were from a Nuts2Nuts vendor and quite real.

Harry the Squirrel was provided by IL&M - looks real doesn't he?


And here are some fun still shots and outtakes.

Me, Charlie and the star of the scene, nuts!

Heidi, Me and Charlie at the Wollman Rink:

Charlie thumbs through my book at our "date":

Doing the voice-over and that's the shot that taken above on the TV:

The kiss on the cutting room floor:


Shelly McRae said…
Great trailer. I look forward to reading your book.

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