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When I travel, which as the book launches next month officially will be quite a bit, I travel with food. Even if it’s just a short trip, I pack a little homemade granola or a yogurt, a piece of fresh fruit or dried fruit or all. The last few years, I’ve used a variation of Mark Bittman’s New York Times granola recipe which you can find here. But recently on Twitter, @sarahhandel talked about making granola and I asked her for the recipe. Turns out it was an Orangette recipe, that was adapted from Nigella Lawson.

I read it through and thought: ground ginger? Yes. What about some ground cloves or all spice. Brown rice syrup, yes with some brown sugar: yum. I made two separate versions. One spiced, one applesauce cinnamon based – both are beyond with Redwood Hills goat yogurt (which is lower lactose naturally and I have no issues digesting). The idea here is to play. I made two versions in about an hour, both are differently delicious and both will serve as a shelf staple snack fro traveling. Next up Bittman’s fruit and oat bars (minus the tree nuts). Or these, or maybe try Dan’s.

What do you bring with you on the road that is allergen-free (homemade or store-bought) when you travel?


If we are driving somewhere, we will usually bring a box of cereal (Cascadian Farms Oat and Honey Granola is a fav), some fresh fruit and veggie snacks, and individual servings of rice milk since it is not always easy to find and my gf is allergic to soy.

For plane trips, we pack an "emergency" food kit that includes instant oatmeal and powdered soup, dried cranberries (Craisins are gluten- and peanut-free), and turkey jerky. It also has tea bags, instant coffee, vitamins, extra antihistamines, and zip and steam bags which means we can have "real food" if we can just find some vegetables. This kit seemed a little excessive...until the one time we ate out of it for an entire weekend.
zebe912 said…
I really miss granola. I started using gluten free oats in '08, but I find that I still have trouble with those. My system just can't seem to handle granola. It really is a great travel food, & it has been a lot harder to pack snacks since discovering that oats were out for me.
Allergic Girl® said…
zebe, have you tried eden foods? they have other rolled and flaked things that i bet could sub nicely for oats:
Libby said…
I was always burning granola when I made it in the oven. Then a friend pointed me at this recipe:

I don't use the exact recipe, just the method. Mine always has lots of coconut in it. Lots and lots of coconut. :)

For travel, I typically bring Silk individual serving milk boxes, oatmeal packets, individual packets of Justin's Almond Butter, ginger chews (I like the ones from The Ginger People, and they're great because I tend to get car/air-sick), and if I'm able, fruit and raw veggies.

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