Allergic Girl Event: Goodie Bags, Allergen-Free

At my recent adult bat mitzvah, I wanted to make sure everyone's food allergy needs, dietary restrictions, dietary choices and religious dietary needs were included in my celebration, down to the goodie bags. 

I had adorable bags, blue and green.

Photo by Joe Curry Photography

Here are three besties, holding them up.

Photo by Joe Curry Photography
I had the cutest baseball caps made in turquoise by BS HeadworksHere’s my rabbi cousin wearing it, isn’t he great?!

Photo by Joe Curry Photography

And Enjoy Life Foods kindly gifted me MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATE BARS, YAY, that are allergen-free, vegan and Kosher parve, so everyone had an extra special treat to take home. 

Thank you, Enjoy Life Foods for everything you do!


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